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About Nuva and Nuvaites

Employability of Nuvaites

On account of strong conceptual foundations, capacity to work and exposure to real-life work conditions, Nuvaites will have more demand in the job market. The vocational focus of many of the courses and industrial trainings help to develop the maturity and employability of our students. The industry will get the employees who can meet their demands due to the imparting of special skills to the students like awareness about corporate culture etc.

Why Nuvaites stand out?

Employers look for many other qualities besides academic achievement. Nuvaites acquire a range of skills and experiences whilst at Nuva to compete most effectively in the recruitment market. Exposure to teamwork, problem solving, and leadership and communication skills is provided by encouraging the students to take up responsible position by involving them in hobbies and sports and by specially structured personality development programs.

Nuva organizes comprehensive personality enhancement programs, which are in consonance with the requirements of the employers to develop students' employability skills and make them aware of the range of occupations available to them.

Nuvaites have a constant exposure to trainings like robotics, VLSI design etc. which gives them an added advantage over the normal curriculum.