nuva approach

Good Engineers. Elated Minds. Inspired Leaders.

Nuva is poised to achieve engineering prominence. Keep it simple. Make Good Engineers into inspired leaders with elated minds.

Intentionally Nuva will affirm a place among colleges and universities known for academic excellence and exceptional student achievement. The greatest asset in reaching there is our shared sense of mission: that we are a community committed to student transformation; that we value freedom of thought and liberty of conscience;; that we believe in active student engagement; that we are dedicated both to teaching and academic achievement; and that we believe avidly in the preparation of global citizens and preparing our students for significant lives of work and service. This is Nuva's Assurance – NuvAssurance.

NuvAssurance is based on the following plan:

  • An extraordinary commitment to diversity.
  • Supporting a top-notch faculty and staff.
  • Conquering the highest levels of attainment across our academic programs.
  • Launching strategic and innovative pathways in undergraduate and post-graduate education.
  • Securing Nuva’s commitment to remain a best-value university
  • Developing novel programs to advance and support the Nuva graduate.